List of Services

Procurement is the facilitation of FF+E Specifications, Purchase Orders and Expediting, through the Warehousing, Receiving, and Installation process.

How Can Absolute Procurement Serve You?

There are many advantages in utilizing Absolute Procurement’s services, namely:

  • We work as a consultant for our clients acting on their behalf to facilitate the FF+E procurement process. This allows one point-person to give full-attention to all orders; ensures orders are placed on time; constantly communicates with the vendor throughout the fabrication and shipping of each order, as well as making certain orders are on schedule for delivery.
  • We offer quality control assurance by being an intermediary between the designer and client to review all designs, specifications and budgets.
  • We manage intricate schedules where purchase orders are sent out strategically and sequentially to meet the necessary installation schedules.
  • We develop buying power to leverage the best prices for our clients.
  • We communicate systematically with budgeting and scheduling updates.
  • We coordinate and secure freight pricing and oversee the movement of all merchandise, including writing the “Letter of Credit” for customs
  • We negotiate pricing for warehousing, receiving, and installation (WRI) on behalf of our clients.
  • We coordinate and supervise the installation of FF+E.

What is Absolute Procurement’s Scope of Services?

Our scope of services can be customized to meet the needs of all project types. The following is a list of details we manage in the procurement process:

  • Compile and itemize budget for the FF+E categories for the total project, according to the designer’s specification.
  • Verify drawings from the designer with the specifications to avoid omissions or duplications of items.
  • Discuss the budget with the client and interior designer to clarify any marginally defined areas and determine responsibilities. Regularly update budgets throughout the project.
  • Analyze cash flow at the inception of the project and continue to update each month throughout the project with actual cash flow reports.
  • Develop the procurement strategy and schedule.
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) from vendors in order to obtain costs on design-approved specifications.
  • Prepare RFP’s from vendors in order to obtain costs on design-approved alternatives in an attempt to reduce costs without compromising the design.
  • Evaluate + negotiate bids, including payment terms and guarantees.
  • Determine if value engineering is necessary.
  • Prepare purchase orders and dispatch them sequentially as the project schedules dictates. Purchase orders are detailed and reference budget line items + furniture tags, as well as vendor, specification, quantity, and unit prices by commodity.
  • Prepare “Letter of Credit” for imported products.
  • Follow-up and expedite all orders.
  • Negotiate Warehousing, Receiving, and Installation (WRI) service on behalf of our client and coordinate receiving + warehousing practices in order to efficiently track all received items.
  • Secure freight pricing and oversee the movement of all merchandise.
  • Supervise delivery + installation to project site.
  • Collating final drawings, documents, and invoices.
  • Develop creative solutions for the removal of existing furnishings.